Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another take on the IronPython keynote

My full braindump on the IronPython keynote looks very similar to Jeremy's, so I'll just highlight the points that stuck out to me as a first-time PyCon attendee and relative Python newbie:

  • The Peedy demo where he interactively called other .NET components to control an animated character from the Python interpreter was silly but impressive.
  • He made the whole IronPython concept seem incredibly sensible with one rhetorical question:
    Why not leverage 100s of man-years of VM development?
  • IronPython is markedly faster on PyStone than CPython.
  • Calling C# code from Python and vice-versa seemed as easy as you could hope it to be.
  • It was very impressive to see the multi-language debugger seamlessly expose an exception stack trace that started in C# and crossed over into Python. Such a debugging environment is way, way better than the world of CPython + SWIG + gdb.

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