Ba-dunk-a-dunk. Done-da-da-day.

Another day past. Lots of interaction, and lots of greets with some peeps that I haven't seen for (in some cases) five years or more. An interesting aspect to the conference is what happens *outside* the conference. Stop and consider... we have a big schedule of talks. Great. But count heads. People aren't going to all the talks.

This is where PyCon shines. They have defined some "open spaces" where people can define some loose talks, presentations, or light tutorials. A very unstructured system that "fills in the blanks". They get up in front and yammer on for five minutes. Lest you think I'm going funky on people with the word "yammer"... yes, I got up and yammered about EZT. Not sure that I was any more successful about escaping the "yammer" marking.

So that big group that might not have a chance to talk? Well... they do. There were lots of avenues. Heck, we got a venture capital talk from a VC guy during the lightning talks. Is that normal for a geek conference? No. So expression... good. That rocked.

Well... foo. Time for sleep. Got a talk in the morning :-)

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