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PyCon 2007 is over

Sunday, February 25, 2007
PyCon 2007 is now over. At-the-door registration was surprisingly stronger than we had been expecting, and the final attendance figure was 593 registered attendees, a 44% increase from 2006.

The conference ran smoothly -- there were no disasters, only the odd oversight on our part or minor glitches. I personally heard from many attendees who really liked the balance of this year's conference: the daily lightning talk sessions, the selection of keynote speakers, and the featured talks. The rooms mostly didn't seem overly crowded to me, though we'll have to see what the feedback form results say. Jeff Rush and I are both very pleased with the conference, and are glad that the attendees seem to agree.

And now for the sprints...


Douglas said...

That is 593 attendees.

Catherine said...

Glory to you ( + Jeff, etc. ) for ever and ever, Andrew; it was absolutely fantastic. My coworkers can see that I'm floating this morning, still in a cloud of Pythony bliss.

Christian said...

Great job all around. It was my first PyCon and it won't be my last.

Mike said...

Kudos to all involved. Next year's PyCon can't come soon enough!

ogghead said...

I had an outstanding time, better than last year. Thanks, Andrew, for all the hard work you did.

(Catherine, email me about the Oracle-SQLAlchemy article I said I'd write. I'll get it done.)

One complaint: I've now tried three of the four recommended methods to get my "Release Form" accepted so my "XRC and wxPython" materials can be released. In fact, I did this well before the conference. No joy. I give up.

A.M. Kuchling said...

ogghead: sorry for the difficulty. It should have been as simple as asking for a recording form, signing it, and leaving it as the registration desk.
Do you have a signed registration form, or did you never get one?

Douglas said...

Note on uploading the release forms:

After the release form is uploaded, Jeff Rush or another system administrator needs to first sign off on the uploaded file. If you are having problem uploading the file send e-mail to pycon@python.org with full information on the nature of the problem.

ogghead said...

Thanks, amk and doug. I had faxed a form a week before the conference, and Mike Muller handed in the second one I signed on Sunday. I emailed one to Jeff R and sent a followup email, but never heard back.

No worries--I'll try to upload a scanned image version and I'll email the pycon address and get it taken care of.

I wish I'd had the foresight and personal leeway to attend the sprints. Next year I will. PyCon was a major success, and thanks again!

Carl said...

2 words: THANK YOU!