PyCon 2010 Financial Assistance Grant for Women

Financial aid for PyCon 2010 has just gotten even better. Because of some very generous donations from the community, we are adding a second grant fund called the Financial Assistance Grant for Women. This fund is geared specifically toward helping women who are interested in using Python in their research, school work, careers or other avenues. It includes help with:
  • registration
  • tutorials
  • lodging
  • transportation
The existing Python Software Foundation Grant will continue to be funded at the same level and can provide assistance for:
  • registration
  • lodging
  • transportation
Please see http://us.pycon.org/2010/registration/financial-aid/ for details & instructions. The deadline for applications is December 18, 2009.


Anonymous said...

I am not against this idea, but how are you going to respond to claims of blatant sexism? Is this a pattern you want to start?

David Goodger said...

@Anonymous: What claims? I call non-issue on that.

Ted Pollari said...

My humble response would be to ask for evidence of under-representation of men at PyCon. If that's provable, then by all means, we'd need to deal with claims of sexism. As is, well, any such claims would be less than credible.

I certainly expect a discussion could come from this experiment, and those are always welcome. But I'd expect the average Python community member to not throw around accusations of sexism without careful consideration -- and certainly only after asking some intelligent questions about the whole thing...