All PyCon, all the time - Atlanta 2010

We are about 16 hours away from the official beginning of PyCon 2010 in Atlanta, and there are already news to talk about.

First, this from Alex Gaynor:

I'm very pleased to announce The Ultimate PyCon Live stream: http://pycon.djangodose.com/. Eric Florenzano, Brian Rosner, Greg Newman, and I have been working on putting together the best possible feed of everything that happens at PyCon, throughout the conference we'll be aggregating and streaming all the news about PyCon on Twitter, photos on Flickr, upcoming talks and uploaded slides, commits on BitBucket and GitHub (on specified repositories), and announcements via IRC. We hope you enjoy it!

...I will be talking all about the building of this in my talk, and we're looking forward to open sourcing it.

Next, we have (on request) a PyCon mailing list for "the non-twittering classes." The mailing list at pycon@python.org will be dedicated to attendees for exchanging tips, opinions, open space announcments, meeting times, and anything else appropriate for PyCon. You can sign up at http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/pycon


Anonymous said...

You really should track identi.ca, too. There's a large number of Python users and developers on identi.ca. I know a handful who are going to PyCon and don't have twitter accounts.

The !python group on identi.ca has 1819 members.

Christopher Webber said...

How about identi.ca?

Doug Napoleone said...

We are a volunteer organization. Just suggesting something means that it will not be done. If you want identi.ca, do the work, and then it will be done.