PyCon US 2013: An opening reception? In my PyCon?!

The train, it keeps on going - the PyCon Countdown shows us officially under 70 days until PyCon 2013 in Santa Clara!

We're pleased to announce that in addition to all the other great things going on - we've added an opening reception in the sponsor expo hall on Thursday March 14th in the evening, courtesy of our amazing list of PyCon Sponsors. Everyone is invited to attend, free of charge of course! We will have appetizers, socializing - the expo hall will be open (it opens at 6:00pm Thursday) and it will be a great way of kicking off PyCon 2013 in style.

Oh. Did I mention everyone who is attending the conference gets two free drink tickets? I guess I just did!

Come, join us on the evening of the 14th, meet up with all the other attendees and sponsors before PyCon proper really gets into full motion.

If you're a sponsor, and you're interested in helping sponsor this event - get in touch with us! We've already got one sponsor helping us host the event, and we'd love to have more.

Oh - you probably want to get to registering for the conference. Don't want those drink tickets and food to go to someone else!

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