Python's answer to CPAN

Python's package index now supports uploads. Richard Jones reported on the new feature during the sprint summary session just before lunch. The first package I've found that has been uploaded to python.org is Roundup. You can use the new distutils upload command or use the web interface to upload files for an existing package. There are more details about the upload feature in Richard's blog and in the other links above.

Uploads are probably the more impressive result to come out of the PyCon sprints in the last three years. The four days before PyCon were devoted to sprints. I arrived on Tuesday afternoon and found two rooms packed with people writing code -- at least 50 people. PyCon provides space and network connectivity for people to meet and work on programming projects.

I wonder how the new package database is going to support mirrors. I also don't know if it supports package dependencies.

The sprint reports session has several short talks. I'll write more later about the sprints on Mailman 3 and Zope. I'm sitting in Facundo Batista's session on the decimal arithmetic library now, and I'd like to pay more attention.

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