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Call for Volunteers!

Volunteers are what makes PyCon such a successful event.  There are over 400 volunteer hours for over 15 different events that need to be filled.  This means there are options to fit everyone's interests.

Session Staff - an important piece in keeping things running smoothly.Green Room Staff - assist speakers in making sure they are ready to present.Registration Desk - a great way to meet attendees and be their first contact at the conference.Swag Bag - there are lots of people needed to help with Swag Bag stuffing and this is a fun event!Tutorial hosts - need to be onsite May 1st and May 2nd.Language Summit Greeters - need to be onsite May 1st.Young Coders Set-up and AssistanceHatchery sessionsPyLadies Auction - be sure you have a ticket to attend.5K Fun Run - for all you early risers!Note: All volunteers need to be registered for the conference. Please help and sign up here as a volunteer!

PyCon 2019 Talks, Charlas, Posters, and Education Summit Schedules

With great excitement, we're happy to announce the much anticipated (and admittedly delayed) lineups for PyCon 2019's Talks, Charlas, Posters Session, and Education Summit.
2019 Talks and Charlas Schedule2019 Posters Lineup2019 Education Summit Schedule This is an excellent moment to recognize the volunteer teams that organize the calls for proposal, review all of the submissions, and construct a schedule! Their hard work provides the foundation for a vibrant conference with something for everyone. PyCon Program Committee Chair: Jason Myers Co-Chairs: Lorena Mesa & Jackie Kazil And the 34 volunteer reviewers!
PyCon Charlas Team Chair: Maricela S├ínchez Co-Chairs: Mario Corchero and Naomi Ceder PyCon Posters Committee Chair: Rebecca Bilbro Co-Chairs: Kristen McIntyre, Nathan Danielsen, and Natalie Serebryakova Education Summit Committee Chair: Meenal Pant
Co-Chairs: Jessica Ingrasselino, Chalmer Lowe, Elizabeth Wickes, and Jeff Elkner