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You can now register for PyCon US 2021!

It is with great excitement that we welcome you to register for PyCon US 2021 starting today! The health and safety of our global community has been at the forefront of our minds every day, and thus the event will be held  online  May 12-18, 2021. Planning for a virtual conference is new for the volunteers and staff that make PyCon possible. We are hard at work to reimagine the conference and ensure it is an exciting opportunity and to create a space to come together amid an otherwise isolating era. We hope that this virtual format will provide an opportunity for even more of our community to take part in PyCon. How do I register? All registrations for the conference must be submitted via . Once you have created an account or logged in, you can access our registration system from your  dashboard . Registration Costs $50 for students $100 for individuals $150 for corporate $1,000 for patrons Why are we charging for a virtual event? Even though PyCon US is an online event t