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PyCon 2019 proposal submission deadline is fast approaching!

The busy holiday season is upon us and before you know it the new year will be here. January 3rd AoE is the deadline to submit proposals. We've added a draft feature to proposals so you can begin your proposal submission now and come back to make final edits before the January 3rd deadline. Begin by creating an account on .  Details on submitting a proposal can be found here . January 3, 2019 : Deadline to submit a PyCon Talk proposal, Poster proposal, Education Summit proposal, and Las PyCon Charlas proposal February 12, 2019 : Deadline to submit applications for Financial aid March 3, 2019 : Financial Assistance grants awarded March 30, 2019 : Deadline to respond to offer of Financial Assistance Our Early Bird tickets are going quickly. If you are hoping to purchase your Student, Individual, or Corporate ticket at our discounted rate, then your time is now — register as soon as you can! We look forward to seeing you in Clevelan

Python Education Summit - in its 7th year in 2019

Teachers, educators, and Pythonistas: come and share your projects, experiences, and tools of the trade in teaching coding and Python to your students. The Annual Python Education Summit is held at PyCon 2019, taking place on Thursday, May 2nd. Our call for proposals is open until January 3rd AoE , and we want to hear from you! See for more details and history about PyCon’s Education Summit. In 2019, the Summit will have 2 sessions: Familiar from previous years, the morning session will be comprised of keynotes, talks, and lightning talks. New this year, the afternoon session will host mini-sprints We invite you to submit proposals for both sessions. What are Mini-Sprints? We’re glad you asked because 2019 is the first time we are hosting them at the Education Summit. In short, they are collaborative small groups that are meant to create meaningful educational content. Participants of the education summit will b