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PyCon 2007 Tutorial Feedback Results

2007 marked the second year that 3-hour paid tutorials were offered at PyCon, and going by the feedback forms the result was an unqualified success. There were 13 tutorials (7 in the morning, 6 in the afternoon) offered by 11 instructors. Links to tutorial descriptions can be found here: . One of the hats I wore for PyCon 2007 was "Tutorial Coordinator", and one of my duties was to collect feedback. We handed out feedback forms during the tutorials, and most attendees filled them out (thanks!). I transcribed the data from the feedback forms into a database, and present the overall results here. (I designed the tutorial feedback forms with some helpful input from others, but I take sole responsibility for ambiguities, omissions, and any errors.) 183 people registered for tutorials, 155 for morning sessions and 167 for afternoon sessions. 139 people registered for two tutorials. Most of the tutorials filled up; all of the afternoon tu

PyCon 2007 General Feedback Results

A few weeks ago Andrew Kuchling put the 2007 feedback results (from paper & web forms) into the wiki. I noticed that this was never announced anywhere, so here goes: The feedback results available at < >, and essay-type comments are at < >.