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Become a Python contributor at PyOhio

Working in Python is awesome. Are you ready to work on Python? The quality of Python and the Standard Library depend on volunteers who fix bugs and make improvements to the codebase. If you're interested in joining these volunteers, good for you! Information on core development is right on Python's homepage ; see also "How to contribute to Python" However, if you'd like an in-person boost to get you started, come to PyOhio this July 31 - August 3. Two talks will get you up to speed on Python contribution: "Intro to Core Involvement" and " Teach Me Python Bugfixing ". Next come two evenings and two full days of Python core sprinting , so you can put your new skills to use with plenty of helpers around. It's classroom learning and real-life practice at one free event! See you there!

PyTexas 2010 Call for Proposals

PyTexas 2010, the fourth annual Python programming conference for Texas and the surrounding region, will take place Saturday August 28, 2010 at the Baylor University in Waco, Texas. A variety of activities are under consideration, including tutorials, scheduled talks,  Lightning Talks, Open Spaces, and Sprints. PyTexas invites all interested people to submit proposals for scheduled talks, tutorials, and panels. All topics of interest to Python programmers will be considered, including topics suitable for inclusion in a Beginner's Track. For more detail please see the PyTexas wiki .   

Pycon India 2010 - Call for Proposals

Pycon India 2010 is happening in Bangalore, India at MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology from Sep 25-26 2010. The conference is in its second run after a very successful first edition last year. We are again expecting a tremendous response from the Python community of India for this year's edition. We are inviting proposals from interested speakers to fill our presentation tracks. We invite proposals on all aspects of the Python language at all levels. First time speakers are invited. Pycon India being a complete community conference, we welcome contribution from everyone to make the conference a success. For finding out more about the conference proposals, visit the following URL. Please submit your proposals by 31st of July. Accepted proposals will be announced on 31st of August.