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PyCon US 2013: Now accepting Launch day sponsors!

That's right folks - the PyCon US team starting planning and executing for PyCon 2013 before PyCon 2012 even ended . We're revving up our engines as we speak to fully launch PyCon 2013, March 13th-21st in Santa Clara CA once again. Last year we had over 2300  attendees from all over the world - PyCon 2012 was the largest gathering of Python hackers in history . This year, we've set a hard  cap of 2500 total attendees (this includes sponsor registrations). We fully expect to sell out the conference once again - and we've got huge  things in store for 2013. PyCon 2013 will be the last year we hold it in Santa Clara for this cycle - PyCons 2014 and 2015 will be held in Montreal Canada, and this is my final year as PyCon chair - so let's make this one as epic a blowout as last year's was. With our launch, we are now signing up launch day sponsors - these sponsors get additional billing, visibility and, well community appreciation for being launch day partners, an

Annoucing PyCon India 2012

On behalf of Indian Python Software Society (IPSS) and the Python community in India, I am glad to announce the dates and other details of PyCon India 2012 . PyCon India 2012 would be held during Sep 28 - 30 2012 at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore . A purely volunteer effort, it is being hosted for the fourth time in India. The last edition was conducted at Pune, India during Sep 2011. This time we have opened up the online registrations early. Register early to avoid the late rush. We look forward to seeing you there and expecting your support for making the conference a grand success!

PyCon Australia 2012 Conference Programme Revealed!

(Hobart Tasmania, 15 June 2012) With both of our keynotes announced, PyCon Australia is very proud to be able to reveal the programme for the 2012 conference, to be held on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August 2012 in Hobart, Tasmania. Following an impressive response to our Call for Proposals the conference will feature three full tracks of presentations and tutorials, across two days, covering all aspects of the Python ecosystem, presented by experts and core developers of key Python technology. Our keynote presenters,  Mark Ramm, Engineering Manager on Juju at Canonical , and  Kenneth Reitz, Python lead at Heroku  will be joined by a wide array of presenters covering a broad range of backgrounds, including industry, research, government and academia. As ever, PyCon Australia is a great place to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in Python web technology: From Heroku, Lincoln Stoll will be presenting on the  12 Factor Method for building software-as-a-service apps . Other web rela

PyCon DE 2012 - Today is the Deadline for Proposals

Today - June 15, 2012, is the last day to submit a proposals for  talks  and  tutorials. Don't miss your chance to speak at the largest gathering of the German-speaking Python community. Talks and tutorials in English are welcome if you are not comfortable with German. The second  PyCon DE  will be held October 29 - November 3, 2012 in Leipzig, Germany.

Announcing the PyCon Japan 2012 Keynote speaker: Armin Ronacher

We are pleased to announce the keynote speaker for PyCon Japan 2012 - Armin Ronacher of Pocoo Team . Armin Ronacher is one of the founding members of the Pocoo Team, a group of enthusiastic Python developers responsible for the Sphinx Documentation Tool, the Jinja2 template engine and more. Recently he developed the Flask micro-framework. He is currently working for Fireteam , a game services company in London. Currently, we are accepting your Call for Proposals until 30 June . There is an English track in PyCon Japan and we are willing to communicate with foreign developers. Send your proposal and join us on this opportunity!

PyCon Finland 2012 - Call For Proposals

PyCon Finland will take place October 22-23 in Espoo. The first day will feature presentations and the second is reserved for sprints and hands-on sessions. We are currently accepting proposals for both talks and sprints. If you would like to give a presentation, organize a sprint or see presentations on a particular topic, please see instructions at . The deadline for proposals is the first of August. The organizers will notify accepted presenters and sprint coordinators by the 28th of August.. The presentation slots will be 20/40 minutes + 10 minutes of discussion at the end. Shared sessions are also possible. The language for the presentations should be English to encourage international participation. We are also trying to find a keynote speaker. If you know a good speaker who might be persuaded to come please let us know. Pycon Finland is not possible without corporate sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s event, please contact Py

PyCon Philippines - Registration Open

PyCon Philippines , set to occur on  June 30  and  July 1 , is the first Python programming conference held in the Philippines. PyCon is a volunteer run effort that brings together Python developers from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels into a friendly, cooperative environment in order to educate, inspire, and work together. This event is possible due to the hard work and contributions of members of the Manila Python users group, the support of the Python Software Foundation, various members of the Python community, our gracious sponsors, and many others. Early bird tickets are available until June 15th. After that tickets will be at the full price, so buy your tickets before it's too late! PyCon Philippines Logo

PyCon Australia 2012 and Google Australia announce gender diversity grants

PyCon Australia and Google Australia are pleased to announce that they're joining forces to offer gender diversity delegate grants to women who wish to attend PyCon Australia in 2012. These grants will cover up to $AUD500 of travel, accommodation and registration costs for women living outside of the Southern Tasmania region to attend this year's conference. These grants aim to reduce the financial barriers to attending PyCon Australia 2012, by subsidizing the registration and travel costs of people from diverse groups, who contribute in important ways to the Python community. More information can be found at Eligibility In order to be eligible for one of the grants, you must be: A woman, aged 18 or older A professional, enthusiast or student interested in, or currently working in Python-related fields or projects Planning to attend both days of PyCon Australia 2012 In order to be eligible for the travel and accommodation gran

PyCon DE 2012 - New Deadline for Proposals is June 15, 2012

There is still a few days to submit a proposals for  talks  and  tutorials.  The new deadline is June 15, 2012. Don't miss your chance to speak at the largest gathering of the German-speaking Python community. Talks and tutorials in English are welcome if you are not comfortable with German. The second  PyCon DE  will be held October 29 - November 3, 2012 in Leipzig, Germany.

PyCon JP 2012 - Call For Proposals

The second PyCon JP 2012 in Japan, will be held at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology University in Tokyo, 15(Sat.), 16(Sun) September . It will be for 2 days and feature 3 tracks. Also, 17(Mon.) September will be for the Sprint day. Now, we're accepting your proposal. If you would like to participate, visit the PyCon JP 2012 CFP page for more information. Submission deadline is 30 June . Main sessions will be in Japanese in order to increase accessibility of local audience, however any proposal in English are equally accepted. (This conference can be a good chance for local developers to communicate with developers in the world.) For more information on . Any questions and comments are welcome, email to us (contact at pycon dot jp). WE ARE WAITING YOUR PROPOSAL NOW!