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PyCon US 2022 Schedule Launch

We are thrilled to announce that the schedule for PyCon US 2022 has been published!  Here you will find Tutorials, Talk Tracks, Charlas Track, and Sponsor Workshops. This year, posters will be displayed during all open hours of the Expo Hall as well as alongside presentations by the authors on Sunday, May 1, 2022. A huge shout out to all those who took the time to submit proposals! PyCon US could not continuously have a full and diverse schedule without the efforts of the community. It is heartwarming to see how much support this community gives. Thank you Committees and Reviewers We want to send a special thank you to the committee members that volunteered their time and hard work in launching the PyCon US Call for Proposals! Their commitment to managing the process of preparing for CFPs to launch and managing the review process began over 6 months ago. We truly could not have accomplished the final result of launching the schedule today without each of them. Tutorial Committee : S

On holding an in-person PyCon US 2022

As we're ramping up preparations for an in-person PyCon US 2022 in Salt Lake City, the PyCon US organization wants to take a moment to talk about the decisions we made, the precautions we are taking, and what we are expecting from attendees to have a safe event. The main decision we've taken is to hold an in-person event, with significant measures to protect health and safety. We understand that there are tradeoffs to each part of the decision we've made, and that each person's decision of whether and how to participate is an individual one. Overall, given the current circumstances, we believe that we can hold a safe, valuable, and enjoyable PyCon US that benefits the community. Preparations for PyCon US Organizing a large event like PyCon US takes many years of planning and preparation. Host city selection usually starts three years before the event, with a thorough evaluation of potential sites, combined with our best estimates for conference size and needs. Salt Lake