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Startup Riot

Startup Riot is a one-day conference taking place in Atlanta on Feb. 17. If you have an interest in business startups - and can pull yourself away from PyCon's first tutorial day - it might be a perfect opportunity to make a trip to Atlanta do double-duty. Startup Riot takes place at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, just down the street from PyCon. View Larger Map

PyCon online schedule app

Thanks to Doug Napoleone, PyCon's online schedule application is now online. Picking among all the amazing possibilities at PyCon is incredibly hard, but the online scheduler at least helps you keep track of what you've decided. If you get confused, scheduler help is here . You can (and should) also use the scheduler to volunteer as session staff ! Session staffing is an easy but important job that helps the conference runs smoothly, lets you meet the speakers you're most interested in, and gives you that open-sourcey pride of ownership in your PyCon.

Pick your "can't miss" posters now!

As has been mentioned before , this year we're adding a poster session to PyCon. For 90 minutes on Sunday, Feb 21, 18 presenters will be answering questions and receiving input from PyCon attendees on posters covering a wide range of topics. Posters are suited to interactively presenting new ideas and more specialized projects, allowing people a chance to browse the whole range and to stop and spend more time on the ones they find interesting. If you want to start thinking about which posters you definitely don't want to miss, visit and start making your picks. As for me, my "don't miss" list is here , and covers Unicode, DVCS in the classroom, robots and more. Which ones will be on your "don't miss" list?

Early-bird ends tomorrow

Early-bird registration discounts end TOMORROW (Wednesday, Jan. 6). Register now .

Free CODE for .NET programmers

PyCon has arranged a special incentive for .NET programmers registering for PyCon. (Of course, all attendees are eligible for the promotion - but it will have a special interest for those in the .NET world.) Please pass the notice on to .NET programmers you know. We'd like to see new legions of .NET users introduced to the joys of IronPython! * * * * * .NET's Dynamic Language Runtime has brought new prominence to the role of .NET dynamic languages like IronPython, and many .NET programmers are looking for ways to get up-to-date on this growing aspect of the .NET environment. PyCon, the world's largest conference of Python and IronPython programmers, is an unparalleled learning opportunity. For $450 or less, attendees can spend an entire week learning from and working with Python and IronPython programmers from raw beginners to the creators of Python and IronPython themselves. This year, PyCon offers a bonus to .NET programmers - a free one-year subscription to CODE mag