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The Hatchery Returns with Nine Events!

Since its start in 2018, the PyCon US Hatchery Program has become a fundamental part of how PyCon as a conference adapts to best serve the Python community as it grows and changes with time. In keeping with that focus on innovation, the Hatchery Program itself has continued to evolve. Initially we wanted to gauge community interest for this type of program, and in 2018 we launched our first trial program to learn more about what kind of events the community might propose. At the end of that inaugural program, we accepted the PyCon Charlas as our first Hatchery event and it has grown into a permanent track offered at PyCon US. PyCon US 2019 presented three new hatchery programs, Mentored Sprints, the Maintainers Summit, and the Art of Python. Those events were quite different from one another, but they all foreshadowed trends we are seeing now. For PyCon US 2020 there were a dozen proposals, which set us to thinking about how we could accommodate as many events as possible. In ad

PyCon US 2020 Tutorial Launch!

Exciting News! PyCon US 2020 Tutorial Registration is open! Tutorial schedule is now available at . To register, you can add the tutorials to your existing registration or add them to a new registration by using the link on your dashboard . Tutorials do sell out quickly, if you are planning to attend be sure to register early.   Sponsor Workshops  Registration and schedule for the Sponsor Workshops will launch in the next few days.  The Sponsor Workshops are held on Thursday, April 16, 2020 and we are glad to be offering an additional 4 workshops for PyCon US 2020.   Conference Talk Schedule The Conference Talk Schedule is in the final phase and will be posted online within the next week.  Watch the PyCon 2020 site for the schedule to post.