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A message from Google to the Python community

Google is proud to support PyCon and the Python community Even though we're spread out amongst our respective countries, cities and homes, the Python community is stronger than ever, and Google is proud to be a part of it. Google's support of the PSF is an investment in the continued existence of Python and it's ecosystem for the long-term. We wish we could all be together in Pittsburgh—but for now, we hope you enjoy the content we've created for an online PyCon in the virtual expo hall , including talks, tutorials, and workshops, and we hope to see you next year!

Sailing Past PyCon 2020 - Thoughts on Code and Community

Capital One has been an invaluable and generous supporter of the PSF and PyCon since 2015 and a Principal Sponsor for the last two years. They've stepped forward and made a big investment in PyCon and its community. We chatted recently with Steven Lott, Lead Software Engineer, about what it was like for a big company like Capital One to migrate to Python 3. Here is what he had to say. ======================= I’ve spent some time racing sailboats, and the need to react to weather, current, and other boats is how you keep yourself moving down the course at top speed. Open source software is a similar challenge. The state of a tech-based industry shifts as quickly as the wind on a rainy day. The Python community is filled with people transforming good ideas to projects on the Python Package Index. Each time our engineers and data scientists adopt the best ideas, we’re now racing along on a new tack toward our mark. Capital One has been open source first for several years