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Applications For Booth Space on Startup Row Are Now Open!

 Applications For Booth Space on Startup Row Are Now Open To all the startup founders out there, ‌PyCon US organizers have some awesome news for you! The application window for  Startup Row  at PyCon US is now open. You’ve got until March 15th to apply, but don’t delay. (And if you want to skip all this reading and go straight to the application,  here’s a link for ya .) That’s right! Your startup could get the best of what PyCon US has to offer: Coveted Expo Hall booth space Exclusive placement on the PyCon US website Access to the PyCon Jobs Fair (since, after all, there’s no better place to meet and recruit Python professionals) A unique in-person platform to access a fantastically diverse crowd of thousands of engineers, data wranglers, academic researchers, students, and enthusiasts who come to PyCon US. Corporate sponsors pay thousands of dollars for this level of access, but to support the entrepreneurial community PyCon US organizers are excited to give the PyCon experience to

PyCon US Hatchery is Back in 2024!

We are pleased to announce the return of the Hatchery program in PyCon US 2024. What is the Hatchery program? This program offers the pathways for PyCon US attendees to introduce new tracks, activities, summits, demos, etc., at PyCon US—activities that all share and fulfill the Python Software Foundation’s mission within the PyCon US schedule. The program began as a trial led by Ee Durbin and Naomi Ceder in 2018, resulting in the creation of several new tracks that are now staples of PyCon US, for example: PyCon US Charlas, Mentored Sprints, and Maintainer’s Summit. The Hatchery program was paused during the pandemic, and we are excited to restart and refresh this program for PyCon US 2024. With the Hatchery program, we want to provide the opportunity for you, the Python community members, to take active participation and lead new activities and events at PyCon US. We want to provide a transparent process for this, and we also want to ensure that every attendee, whether they are new t