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Refund policy for Attendees and Financial Aid recipients traveling to PyCon internationally

International travel to the United States has become a greater risk for many in our community. In light of current conditions, PyCon would like to highlight the support we provide for international travelers. If you are travelling internationally to PyCon, take note of the following information. Financial Aid applicants should take note of additional information specific to that process in the second section. For All International Travellers to PyCon In order to better assist our international community, we have the following refund policy for PyCon attendees:  If despite holding a visa you are denied entry upon arrival to the United States, then after you pursue and receive whatever refund your airline might be able to offer, PyCon wants to send you enough money to cover the rest of the cost of your airfare.  You will need to document that you indeed arrived in the United States and were denied entry. If despite holding a visa you are denied entry upon arrival to the United

The 9th Annual PyLadies Auction

The PyLadies Auction is returning to PyCon 2020! If you haven't attended one previously, you're missing out! There's charity. There's competition. There's laughter, food, and drinks. There are auction paddles flying in the air as people graciously  give money where it has impact. The PyLadies auction holds a special place in my heart – I attended my first PyCon in 2015 thanks to financial aid from PyLadies . If you haven't heard of PyLadies before, we are an international mentorship group with a focus on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community. Last year, the auction raised over $44,000 from the 58 items auctioned off. For a glimpse into what a night at the PyLadies Auction is like, check out Lacey Williams Henschel’s live-tweet thread from last year . The Details Date & Time: Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 6:30pm Location: Westin Hotel, 1000 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (This hotel is connect