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PyCon Startup Row 2017 Applications Are Now Open!

Starting at the 2011 conference in Atlanta, the PyCon Expo Hall has offered a special event for startups: “Startup Row,” a row of booths that features interesting startups built with Python. We’re happy to announce that applications to Startup Row at PyCon 2017 in Portland, Oregon, are now open! You may have questions about Startup Row, so here we provide some basic answers. How do I apply? There is information about applying at the end of this post, but if you’re the “do first, ask questions later” type, go to our application form . What do Startup Row companies get? We give founders a unique opportunity to connect with the vibrant, diverse community of engineers, data scientists, speakers, investors and enthusiasts who come to the world’s largest Python programming conference. Startup Row companies get: Free booth space Admission to PyCon for two startup team members Coverage here on the PyCon blog and elsewhere A couple of fun events exclusively for Startup Row companies