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PyCon Organizers' Meeting: Tuesday August 28

Our next regular organizers' meeting for PyCon 2008 will take place on Tuesday, August 28, at 18:00 UTC (2PM Eastern, 1PM Central, 12PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific). Further meetings will be every two weeks. The meetings are held via Google Talk/Jabber (group chat). We use the 'pycon' room on The agenda is on the wiki . See you there! David Goodger PyCon 2008 Chair

PyCon-Tech '08 Call for Volunteers

PyCon-Tech (the python behind pycon) , is an open source project for providing software for the python conferences. As the process of organizing the conferences moves forward, we need to get different parts of the web site up and running for organizers, attendees, and the community at large. And we need help. To kick things off, there will be a PyCon-Tech meeting for PyCon USA 2008 on Tuesday, August 21, at 2PM Eastern/1PM Central/11AM Pacific (6PM UTC). This will be held via Google Talk/Jabber (group chat) . The goals are simple: Software for PyCon Give back to the community Show what python can do The project is based on django , but is not limited to web applications. We are looking for help at every level. Even if all you do is edit some of the wiki pages, this would be greatly appreciated. We are also looking for any and all feedback on last years system. This feedback should be limited to the web site software including the schedule , schedule handouts, talk proposal system, o