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Python Education Summit celebrates its 6th year in 2018

Teachers, educators, and Python users: come and share your projects, experiences, and tools of the trade you use to teach coding and Python to your students. The Annual Python Education Summit is held in conjunction with PyCon 2018, taking place on Thursday May 10. Our Call for Proposals is open until January 3rd, and we want to hear from you! See  for more details. What we look for in Education Summit talks are ideas, experiences, and best practices on how teachers and programmers have implemented instruction in their schools, communities, books, tutorials, and other places of learning by using Python. Have you implemented a program that you've been dying to talk about? Have you tried something that failed but learned some great lessons that you can share? Have you been successful implementing a particular program? We urge anyone in this space to submit a talk! We’re looking for people who want to share their knowledg