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Startup Row Applications Are Open, But Not For Long!

It’s official: PyCon 2022 in Salt Lake City will mark more than a decade of support for early-stage startups, and applications are now open!  For the “do first and read later” folks reading this, applying for a spot on Startup Row is as easy as creating an account or logging into your existing account on the PyCon 2022 site and submitting an application . Chances are, you’ve already answered very similar questions about your startup before, so the application is quick and straightforward.  Please submit your application before midnight on February 24, 2022! About Startup Row As the name may suggest, Startup Row is a row of booths at PyCon US specially reserved for early-stage companies that use the Python programming language in new and interesting ways. Since 2011, well over 100 companies have been given the opportunity to share what they’re building (and how they’re building it) with thousands of engineers, scientists, students, tinkerers, and all-around enthusiasts who come to Py