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PyCon is here and so are the PyCon Sprints (May 6 - 9). For those who have not heard of OR attended the Sprints, we want to invite you to attend! The PyCon Sprints are a time set aside for you and the developers of your favorite tools to work TOGETHER to make those tools better: fix bugs, add features, and improve documentation. It is also a place for you to invite others to work on your project. There are a number of initiatives at PyCon every year to help ensure that the Sprints go off without a hitch. Sat : Mentored Sprints ( New this year, registration required, currently sold out ) Sun : Sprint Leader presentations/ project descriptions Sun : "Intro to Sprints" workshop Mon-Thu : the Sprints ! What can you expect at each of these events? Mentored Sprints (Saturday) : These are new this year and are a chance for attendees from groups traditionally underrepresented in the open source community to have hands-on support in a welcoming environment during their

Building the PSF: the Q2 2019 Fundraiser

Building the PSF: the Q2 2019 Fundraiser Thank you to everyone who has donated to our past fundraisers! Donations, memberships, and sponsorships support sprints, meetups, community events, Python documentation, fiscal sponsorships, software development, and community projects. We can’t do any of this without your financial contributions. We’ve just launched a new fundraiser for 2019! Please donate today and help us meet our goal of $60,000 by May 22nd! Your donations have IMPACT! The PSF awarded $118,543 in financial aid to 143 PyCon attendees in 2018 $324,000 was paid in grants in 2018 to recipients in 51 different countries Donations and fundraisers resulted in $489,152 of revenue. This represents 15% of our total 2018 revenue.  PSF and PyCon sponsors contributed over $1,071K in revenue! We understand the need for transparency and hope to help our community and stakeholders find necessary information about the PSF in a single place. We’re proud to launch our first eve

Thank You Facebook and Instagram for supporting the Python Software Foundation!

Introducing Facebook and Instagram PyCon 2019 Principal Sponsors! Facebook and Instagram have been big supporters of the Python language through sponsored development of PyTorch and Pyre. This year the PSF is proud to have Facebook and Instagram as Principal Sponsors of our foundation and PyCon 2019 in Cleveland. They want to share the variety of ways they're not only using Python but how they’ve implemented it in creating, teaching, and developing their programs. We spoke with them to find out more about their recent efforts in the Python community, and here’s what they had to share regarding the integration of Python in their systems by team. Facebook Production Engineering

 There are engineers within Facebook that are 100% focused on maintaining the Python infrastructure of the other developers that use Python. There's a whole category of software written at Facebook that's basically like the glue that holds all the other software together. The vast majority o