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Travel Grants Process for PyCon US 2024

Awarding travel grants to community members to PyCon US and seeing how much they get out of and contribute to the event is one of the most rewarding things we do at the PSF; every year, we wish we could award more. PyCon US 2024 received 852 travel grant requests totaling almost $1.5 million. With estimated revenue of $1.8M and conference costs of $2.1M, we didn’t have the funds to support every applicant. In round one, we offered $360K, or about 24%, of the grant requests received. This is a record number of travel grants received and offered. We know many folks hoped for a grant and were disappointed not to receive one, so we wanted to share more about the process. Travel Grant Funding PyCon US travel grants are funded by various sources, from PyCon US ticket sales and sponsorships, Python Core Devs, the PSF, and generous contributions from PyLadies. In 2024, some funding sources have contracted. To date, we have not received any corporate travel grant sponsorships. Furthermore, the