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PyCon US 2022 Transparency Report

With a return to in-person events, PyCon US has taken care to maintain excellency in the safety of our events both through our Code of Conduct and our Health and Safety Guidelines. A key piece of the enforcement of these is the transparency of its outcomes. Below, you’ll find details on the reports that we received for Code of Conduct violations as well as self-reported cases of COVID-19. Code of Conduct PyCon US strives to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees. Our Code of Conduct has been put in place as a guideline to ensure that community members feel safe during the event. This year we continued our efforts to improve our Code of Conduct (CoC) response and reporting by offering staff, volunteers, and community members an opportunity to participate in a CoC training. In having more people trained, we established a more robust and diverse team to accept reports and respond to incidents both at in-person and online events. We have prepared the following to help t