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EuroPython Talk Schedule Online

EuroPython 2009 is fast approaching. EuroPython is the official community conference for Python Programmers across Europe. This year it is being held in the Birmingham Conservatoire, United Kingdom, where previous UK Python events have been held. We are expecting 300-400 delegates from across Europe. The first two days, Sunday 28th June 2009 and Monday 29th June 2009, are tutorial days, including an introductory tutorial for those who have never programmed in Python before. The main conference, from the 30th June to 2nd July, has talks from the leading Python programmers from across Europe. Speakers include Professor Sir Tony Hoare, Cory Doctorow, Jim Hugunin, Bruce Eckel, Simon Willison, Christian Tismer, Emily Bache, Stani Michiels and Michael Foord. Tutorial and talk abstracts are available on the website . The full talk schedule has also now been posted: EuroPython 2009 Timetable The final two days, the 3rd and 4th of July, are 'sprint' days, where delegates splint into gro

PyCon France at the Cyberbase de la Villette

The French Speaking Python user group (Afpy) is organizing Pycon FR again this year on May 30/31. Come to Paris, at the "Cyberbase de la Villette" and meet the French Speaking Python community! A lot of talks, tutorials and lightning talks will be given during this week-end, on all kind of topics. And the great news is that the whole conference is free, thanks to our sponsors. Schedule : Cyberbase location : The French Python user group : Follow the event on Twitter : #pycon-fr Sponsors :

2009 PyCon talks now appearing on PyCon podcast

Talks from PyCon 2009 are now appearing on the PyCon podcast feed, at the rate of roughly 15 talks per day. I'm trying to select the talks for each day in a balanced fashion: one keynote per day, at least one three-part tutorial per day, a certain number of talks with audio problems (so that we don't have an entire day of hard-to-listen-to talks at the end). The feed URL for subscribing to the podcast is . Video and audio material from PyCon 2009 is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license. This means you can incorporate excerpts or entire recordings in your own non-commercial projects, as long as you credit the speaker and you CC-license the finished project. For example, the 5/2 episode of Ron Stephen's Python 411 podcast [MP3 link] contains Collin Winter's explanation of the Unladen Swallow project from the Python Virtual Machines panel discussion.