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PyCon US 2020 CFP Submissions are due!

PyCon US 2020 Call for Proposal deadline is December 20, 2019 AoE! If you have a talk, poster or education summit idea, don't wait, submit your proposals this week! To submit your proposal start by creating an account on . Details on submitting a proposal can be found here .   Remember that you can edit or update a previously submitted proposal until the deadline by accessing the submission on your dashboard . December 20, 2019: Deadline to submit a PyCon Talk proposal, Poster proposal, Education Summit proposal, and Las PyCon Charlas proposal January 3, 2020: Deadline to submit Hatchery proposals January 17, 2020: Deadline to submit Startup Row  applications  January 31, 2020: Deadline to submit applications for Financial aid PyCon US 2020 Conference Registration Our Early Bird tickets are going quickly. If you are hoping to purchase your Student, Individual, or Corporate ticket at our discounted rate, then your time is now.  Reg

Python Education Summit - 8 years in 2020!

Teachers, educators, and Pythonistas: come and share your projects, experiences, and tools of the trade as you teach coding and Python to your students. The Annual Python Education Summit is being held at PyCon 2020, taking place on Thursday April 16th . Our Call for Proposals is open until December 20th, 2019 , and we want to hear from you! See for more details. In 2020, the Summit has three sessions: Keynotes and selected talks (morning) Mini-sprints - collaborative sessions to create meaningful educational content together (afternoon) Lightning Talks! Between the two sessions We are inviting submissions for all three sessions. What we look for in Education Summit talks are ideas, experiences, and best practices on how teachers and programmers have implemented instruction in their schools, communities,books,tutorials and other educational places by using Python. Have you implemented a program that you've bee