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Financial Aid Applications Due!

Just a quick reminder: Applications for our Financial Aid program are due on January 1, 2014. As long as it's the first of the year somewhere in the world, we'll be accepting applications! Check out our previous post about how the application works and what financial aid is for. We're looking forward to evaluating all of the applications and notifying recipients by January 15, 2014. Happy New Year from the PyCon organizers!

Startup Row is back

Startup Row is back – our offer to showcase the most promising Python startups out there! The concept is very simple: if you convince us that your young company is the next big thing, we are going to give you a free booth for one day in our Expo Hall and two free passes to the conference. Startup Row gives you a unique opportunity to connect with a global, highly technical crowd.  Among the 2000+ PyCon attendees, could be a new co-founder, your next investor, a future business partner, or even hundreds of new users, depending on who your target market is.  These are stories we’ve heard from previous Startup Row nominees. The technological landscape of tomorrow is yours to make.  Come and show us that it's one where Python shines. The rules are simple: You must have less than 15 employees, including founders, and be less than two years old. You must use Python somewhere in your startup. Backend, frontend, testing, wherever. If selected, you have to come and st

Financial Aid Applications Due January 1

With the announcements of the tutorial , talk , poster , and several lightning talk selections, registration for PyCon 2014 is really on the rise. Before the announcements, we were just shy of 800 tickets sold, and our early bird registration rates were valid for those first 800. We're now on to the regular rates through the start of the conference, and sales are moving along nicely. As we've mentioned before, PyCon's ticket price hasn't changed in quite some time. We think this conference provides a great value at a great price, but we're cognizant of the total cost of attending an event like this. That's why we've been setting aside a budget to make the conference more affordable for our attendees by way of our Financial Aid program . Applications have been open since August, and will close on January 1, 2014. We're aiming to have grant awards decided by January 15, 2014. Coming to PyCon isn't just the $350 ticket cost, unless you live in Mont

Talks, Tutorials, and Poster selections announced!

The wait is over: selections for PyCon 2014's talks, tutorials, and posters are now available! It took a lot of effort from a lot of people to review another record breaking year of submissions, but once again, the result is a stunning set of presentations. Both the tutorial list and schedule are now available, with tutorial registration expected to be available later this week (we'll post/tweet when it's up). The 36 slots available on the schedule were filled from 71 proposals, making up yet another set of courses to get beginners started, and to help each type of Python user level up their skill set. The tutorials take place Wednesday April 9 through 10, and the schedule is comprised of morning and afternoon sessions over those two days. Each tutorial costs $150 and gets you three-hours of teaching and includes a 20 minute snack break. The list of accepted posters is also available. Taking place on Sunday April 13, the poster session is a great event for both pres