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PyCon US 2022 Website and Sponsorship Program Launch!

With PyCon US 2022 planning underway, we are excited to be launching the conference website along with our sponsorship program. Our team is planning to host the event in person with an online component. Head over to the PyCon US 2022 website for details about the conference and more information about our sponsorship program. You will not want to miss the opportunity to be part of this event! If your organization depends on the Python ecosystem, check out our prospectus online, and sign up today !   The PSF's comprehensive sponsorship program allows organizations to support community programs financially and delivers a variety of benefits that provide visibility across PyCon US,,, and much more:  Outreach & Networking: Access to 2,000+ attendees interested in your products and services to generate qualified leads. Recruiting : Access to qualified job candidates. If you’re hiring, there’s no better place to find Python developers than PyCon US. Marketing :