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PyCon US 2013: Announcing the Harassment incident handling guidelines.

With PyCon 2012 we happily adopted a  Code of Conduct/Non Harassment Policy . We derived our version from personal experiences within the community and the ten year lifetime of the conference, and the community as a whole. We discussed it with staff, volunteers and debated it publicly. In 2012 we had an internal policy and set of guidelines for enforcement - inspired by the  Ada Initiative's   excellent work  we are publicly publishing our guidelines for Attendee and Staff responses to harassment or Code of Conduct violation incidents. Attendee Procedure for Incident Handling Staff Procedure for Incident Handling We hope that providing these documents and procedures publicly, we reenforce our dedication to providing a safe and welcoming environment to everyone. We also hope to inspire other conferences - big and small - to adopt similar procedures and public documentation. We would like to once again thank the  Ada Initiative  for their work ( donate here ) - as well as all

Early bird tickets halfway sold out. Get yours today!

We’re about halfway sold out of early bird tickets for PyCon 2013 with 463 signed up, so hurry up and register before the rates increase! With discounts up to 25%, purchasing early makes this already affordable conference an even better value. Only the first 1000 of 2500 total tickets will receive the early bird discount, so act fast. The corporate rate for PyCon 2013 remains the same as it has been for years, coming in at $450 USD if you buy early. The regular rate goes up to $600, which is still a steal when it comes to conference tickets. Companies have long been sending their employees to PyCon, and 2013 will be no different. With the conference back in Silicon Valley for another year and all 2500 tickets sure to sell out, the networking potential for attendees is incredible. The maintainers of most major open source projects will be there, and the conference environment is a great place to find out what everyone else is doing. Even outside of the talks and tutorials, PyCon is an