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Pick your "can't miss" posters now!

As has been mentioned before, this year we're adding a poster session to PyCon. For 90 minutes on Sunday, Feb 21, 18 presenters will be answering questions and receiving input from PyCon attendees on posters covering a wide range of topics. Posters are suited to interactively presenting new ideas and more specialized projects, allowing people a chance to browse the whole range and to stop and spend more time on the ones they find interesting.

If you want to start thinking about which posters you definitely don't want to miss, visit and start making your picks. As for me, my "don't miss" list is here , and covers Unicode, DVCS in the classroom, robots and more. Which ones will be on your "don't miss" list?


Unknown said…
The link to the list of accepted posters is
Unknown said…
The accepted list should likely be a link.
David Goodger said…
The link is live now in the original post.