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Call for Volunteers!

Volunteers are what makes PyCon such a successful event.  There are over 400 volunteer hours for over 15 different events that need to be filled.  This means there are options to fit everyone's interests.

  • Session Staff - an important piece in keeping things running smoothly.
  • Green Room Staff - assist speakers in making sure they are ready to present.
  • Registration Desk - a great way to meet attendees and be their first contact at the conference.
  • Swag Bag - there are lots of people needed to help with Swag Bag stuffing and this is a fun event!
  • Tutorial hosts - need to be onsite May 1st and May 2nd.
  • Language Summit Greeters - need to be onsite May 1st.
  • Young Coders Set-up and Assistance
  • Hatchery sessions 
  • PyLadies Auction - be sure you have a ticket to attend.
  • 5K Fun Run - for all you early risers!
Note: All volunteers need to be registered for the conference.
Please help and sign up here as a volunteer!