Poll: T-shirt and tote bag slogans

The PyCon organizers have established a short online poll to collect input from the Python community regarding the shirts, tote bag and slogans to be used at PyCon 2007, being held in Addison (Dallas), Texas Feb 23-25 2007.

When we put out a prior call for slogan suggestions, we received 104 submissions. We've since reviewed them, narrowed them down to a number reasonable for voting on, and now you can help us decide the winner! Actually, two winners: one slogan for the T-shirt and another for the tote bag.

Please take the poll at the following page. We've tried to keep it short, to respect your time.



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Patricio said...

Hi guys,
Is there a posibility to video-recording the conference for the sake of the myriads of python folks from around the globe?

There's still three months before feb 23 so in theory it could be possible to find a sponsor who could make it happen (I'm thinking in google but there'is a lot of possibilities).

Please remember that the fraction of folks who can attend will be about 1/1000 or 1/10000 of the python users, and the access to the live presentations could mean a great deal in python adoption.