Poll: vendor tables at PyCon

The organizers are wondering if there are any vendors of Python-related items (books, software, T-shirts, etc.) that would be interested in having a vendor table at PyCon. We're trying to learn if there's enough interest to make a vendor area worth the effort.

The proposal being suggested: vendors would pay a vendor sponsorship fee of a few hundred dollars and would then get a table (probably a 6-foot size one) in a vendor area. Vendors could be open from after the first plenary session to before the last plenary session; that would be from 10:30AM to 5-something PM. You could store merchandise in a locked but unguarded room, but you'd probably still have to sign a liability waiver so that PyCon isn't responsible if your merchandise is stolen or damaged.

If you'd be interested, please add your name, product/company info and a contact e-mail to us.pycon.org/TX2007/Vendors.

This is a straw poll to gauge if there's interest, not a contract. Adding your name does not oblige you to sign up as a vendor, if/when we decide to have a vendor area and specify the costs and terms.

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