Reminder for PyCon speakers: upload your slides

If you're giving a presentation at PyCon, please remember to upload your slides before the conference. Having the slides available gives attendees more information in selecting talks to attend, and they can follow along on their own laptops.

To upload files:


Fuzzyman said...

When I hover over my presentation there is no 'upload' option. There is a link saying 'release forms not on file'.

When I click on this link it tells me that release forms are needed, procedure to be decided...

Douglas said...

This is most likely due to a stale page in your browser cache. Please do a hard reload of the schedule to get all the updated javascript files.

You shoudl see something like:

For those without flash:

Douglas said...

Fuzzyman has also asked about the release forms. Instructions on submitting the release forms can be found here:


Douglas said...

because I hate cut&pasting links as much as everyone else:

uploading.swf (256k)
uploading.avi (5mb)
Release Form Info
Speaker Notes