The PyCon 2007 podcast

We've begun posting audio from last year's conference in podcast form. New recordings will be posted once or twice per week.

The podcast is available in the iTunes Store podcast section, and you can also access the feed URLs directly. Three feeds are available:


MAC said...

The feed links are all broken.


d2m said...

Found the podcast feeds in this folder:

7times9 said...

The links to podcasts in http://advocacy.python.org/podcasts/ are broken too!

Dave Potts said...

Links on http://advocacy.python.org/podcasts/ are working for me now.

A.M. Kuchling said...

Links in this post are now fixed. I don't know why the /podcasts/ page seemed to be broken; it seems to be correct right now.

will said...

If you're using Miro (which is largely written in Python), you can subscribe to the PyCon 2007 podcasts (ogg and mp3) with these links:

Subscribe to PyCon 2007 podcast (ogg) with Miro

Subscribe to PyCon 2007 podcast (mp3) with Miro

John Tynan said...
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John Tynan said...

Will the feed for the 2008 conference be at a different address?

Should I subscribe to both:




A.M. Kuchling said...

The 2008 conference will have a different feed URL, probably at the /pycon2008.rss URL. (In fact I have some 2006 audio that may get posted eventually.)

Note that there's no 2008 feed yet, so that file doesn't exist at the moment.