Social web sites for PyCon 2008

For this year's PyCon, we're encouraging attendees to make use of various
social networking sites to make the conference more useful and more fun. (We're sure we've missed useful sites and channels; please suggest others in the Python wiki.)

Internet Relay Chat

During the conference, many attendees will chat using IRC on the #pycon channel on irc.freenode.net.


During the conference, the organizers will post tasks and volunteering opportunities to the pyconvolunteers channel.


Jaiku is a micro-blogging site like Twitter, but with some extra features. Unfortunately, as of this writing they are not accepting new accounts while they deal with their acquisition by Google. Pre-existing members, though, do have a limited number of invitations they can give out.
On Jaiku there is a #PyCon channel as well as a general #python channel.


Presentations in PowerPoint/OpenOffice/PDF format can be posted to the PyCon 2008 event.


Please tag any photographs you take at PyCon with "pycon2008".


There's also a PyCon 2008 LinkedIn group that you can join.


Eric Florenzano said...

How about Pownce? It's written in Python. I'll definitely be using it during PyCon. Anyway, I'll add it to the wiki.

Doug Napoleone said...

Someone has not been reading the organizers list e-mails ;-)

We now have a PyCon 2008 Linked-In Conference Group

If you registered for PyCon, your registration e-mail address is pre-approved to join the group.

Doug Napoleone said...


PyCon is a volunteer run conference run by the community. If you want a Pownce group, please go create one, and post it here and on the wiki.

gaspode said...

Why not setup a mini social network on CrowdVine? It's perfectly suited to events like PyCon.

Doug Napoleone said...


Fantastic Idea!
Are you willing to take this on?

Doug Napoleone said...

The schedule app is now up and running.

Presenters can upload their slides and documents there as well.

Just bring up a tooltip popup for your talk, click 'upload' to get the form, and upload your files.

gaspode said...

@doug: Ok, I've set up the PyCon 2008 social network site. If there's any other thoughts for suggested questions that might help people find others they want to chat it up with at PyCon, let me know and I'll add them.

Rezand said...

Doug, can you please, please post a full blog post about the schedule app running? I didn't notice your casual comment and this is a really cool tool.

Please spread the word about it to presenters and attendees!