Sunday, April 13, 2008

Part 14: Financial Aid (PyCon 2008 Chairman's Report)

The budget for PyCon 2008's financial aid was several times that of 2007, and we were able to help more people come to PyCon than ever before. Over 40 people received financial aid of some form. This is a trend I'd like to see continue.

Almost everyone who asked was granted aid. Only a few were turned down, either because their application was incomplete (after multiple requests for clarification) or because they requested an excessively large amount.

As I stated in my opening remarks, I believe I was the recipient of the first PyCon financial aid back in 2004, PyCon's second year. I hope that this year's aid recipients were able to get a fraction as much out of PyCon as I have, and I hope they give back to the community in turn.

Ted Pollari was in charge of financial aid this year. Thanks Ted! Ted could use some help next year...

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