Part 18: PyCon-Tech (PyCon 2008 Chairman's Report)

The website software and the registration system saw a complete overhaul this year, mostly implemented by Doug Napoleone. It was absolutely necessary, as we were unable to collect the data we needed previously. However, the registration system and the rest of the Django-based PyCon-Tech project is very ambitious and there's a lot left to do, and some rough edges.

Brantley Harris did an initial site design. And then, when we didn't have the volunteer capacity for some much-needed further work, we bought some discounted development from Imaginary Landscape (also a PyCon sponsor).

PyCon-Tech is an open-source project based on Django, and other conferences are looking into using it. Hopefully they'll contribute to it too! Of course, there's a PyCon-Tech mailing list where you can help out!

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