Part 21: 2009 & 2010 (PyCon 2008 Chairman's Report)

PyCon 2009

PyCon 2009 will take place in Chicago again. This year's venue was near capacity; we're currently exploring options that will allow PyCon 2009 to have more elbow room and even grow. Stay tuned for more.

This report has discussed mistakes that were made this year, which we will not repeat next year. If you have ideas or opinions that haven't been covered, please reply in the comments, email me (goodger at python dot org), or better yet, join the mailing list!

I will chair PyCon again in 2009. But while I intend to stay involved beyond that, I do not intend to chair PyCon 2010. Changes of leadership bring fresh ideas and perspectives, which is a good thing. We'll be looking for a "chairperson-in-training"; let me know if you're interested.

PyCon 2010

Very shortly we'll be deciding the venue for PyCon 2010: the deadline for bids is May 1, 2008. An earlier blog entry describes the process, which is much simpler than in previous years.

We won't be asking local groups to negotiate with venues as they did in the past. Instead, we'll accept bids from motivated local groups promoting their regions, and we'll all work with the meeting planners to find suitable venues. This leverages strengths and avoids weaknesses: few Pythonistas are experts in conference logistics and venue negotiations, which are time-consuming and potentially subject to costly mistakes.

All the details are in the blog post, and in the bid requirements. There's still time!

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