Photographers Needed!

This morning the PyCon organizers received some bad news. Our photography coordianator, Steven Wilcox, has a family emergency and won't be able to attend the conference. We hope everything turns out well for Steven and his family.

Unfortunately this has left us scrambling a bit, but in the spirit of "The show must go on", we are asking that any attendees who are photographers or photography buffs to step up and help out. We also ask that anyone who had arrangements with Steven for PyCon photography should contact us.

We are particularly looking for session photographers and portrait photographers. Session photographers will take photos of speakers during thier talks, tutors during thier tutorials, sprinters during thier spints, and so on. The portriat photographers would be responsible for setting up and running a small studio to get portraits of Python people, for use by the PSF in future press releases.

Of course everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to take many pycon related photos and put them online.

For more details please visit: http://us.pycon.org/2009/helping/photos/

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