PyCon India aims to bring together Python aficionados from across the country

The first ever PyCon India, scheduled to start at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 26th and 27th Sep, 2009 aims to bring together Python aficionados, developers and companies using the Python programming language, under a common umbrella for the first time.

The event is unique in many respects. It is the first ever formal Python meet of its kind and scale ever to be organized in India. The event is fully community organized, with the Bangalore Python Users Group as the forum for coordinating activities. There are a range of talks on a variety of aspects of the Python programming language, from introductory tutorials for beginners to Python for mobile computing and Python for the Semantic web. There will also be informal sessions where individual Python developers can share their experiences on Python and how they benefited from it. Around 400 delegates are expected to take part in the event from across the country.

The event is sponsored by reputed organizations such as ThoughtWorks and ZeOmega who themselves use Python for software development. Other supporting organizations include tenXperts, Duxsoft, Navisite, Strand Life Sciences and Mahiti.org.

For more information visit http://in.pycon.org/2009.

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