Registration for PyCon 2010 is open!

Registration for PyCon 2010 is open! You should register for PyCon 2010 here (and don't forget to make your hotel reservations here).

We are doing a number of things this year to make this the biggest and best PyCon ever. To start with, there is more PyCon to love. We will be having five separate tracks of talks, covering everything from Python in space to Python on Wall Street. There should be something for everyone.

Interested in Java? You can see how to extend Java applications with Jython or how the military is using Jython to model real-world battlefield scenarios.

Interested in .NET? You can learn about what Microsoft is doing to support IronPython in their tools or how to use Silverlight to run applications in your browser.

Are you a scientist or do you need to crunch big data? Python is being used to crunch data from telescopes and for natural language processing with Hadoop. You can also brush up on algorithmic optimization, agent-based modeling of systems, and scientific workflow management.

If you do web-based development, you may be interested in handling geospatial data in TurboGears and in Pylons. If Django is more your flavor, you may be interested in using Pinax to speed up development, internationalizing your Django project, or even using Django in non-standard ways.

I could just list the other 81 talks that have been accepted for PyCon, but that would make this post too long. We have talks about deployment, data structures and algorithms, compilers, Python internals, NoSQL databases, concurrency, cloud computing and distributed systems.... No matter what your interest, PyCon probably has it. Until we get the schedule updated on us.pycon.org, you can view the schedule here. Which talks do you want to see?

PyCon is more than just talks, though. We have a full schedule of 32 tutorials providing in-depth training on a range of different problems:
Again, there are too many tutorials to list every one - but you can sign up for them when you register for PyCon.

Finally, I am excited about the poster sessions that will be presented at PyCon. For those who don't know what poster sessions are, they are a chance to present your work, your project, or just something interesting to all the attendees at PyCon. The call for poster sessions is still open, so there is still a chance for you to present at PyCon.

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