Why should you come to PyCon: Round 2!

Ah, it's always nice to see the community pick up a call to arms. Mike Driscoll (who is a blogging machine) has made several posts - "The 5 talks I want to see" (hacker news here) and "PyCon 2011 Needs You". On the point of his later post - there is a 2011 volunteer page located here which contains all the information you need for volunteering for 2011.

Following that - the intrepid Alex Gaynor's done a great post - "PyCon 2011 is going to be awesome" - which, of course, is total truth. We also have Rich Leland's - "Go To PyCon".

So let's here it everyone: What can't you miss - what are you looking forward to at PyCon 2011?

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