Monday, August 08, 2011

PyCon US 2012 Guidance Survey

On behalf of the PyCon US 2012 staff, I am pleased to announce that we have put up a Guidance Survey for PyCon 2012. It was universally agreed amongst the PyCon staff that we wanted to hear from you - all the people out there in the community - and that we wanted to garner as much feedback about your PyCon experiences and suggestions as we could.

Your feedback will help us make PyCon 2012 - and 2013, and all the other future PyCon "US" (Remember, we're in Montreal Canada in 2014!) that much better. Your opinion counts.

All results are anonymous - please take a moment to help us help the community, and make PyCon 2012 a knockout success!

The survey can be found here:

Thank you.

- Jesse Noller - Chair, PyCon 2012

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