PyCon DE 2011 - Three Keynotes: From the Outside, From the Inside, and Scientific

There will be three keynotes with different perspectives on software development
and Python.

Jan Lehnardt, a CouchDB developer, looks at Python from the outside and analyzes why some people tend to be religious about programming languages and what could be done about it for the benefit of the whole programming community.

Paul Everitt of Zope and Plone fame provides a deep inside into the development of Zope and other long-running, successful Python projects in general.

Andreas Schreiber from the German Aerospace Center sees the future of software engineering in the field of science and engineering in Python-based solutions. Examples from high performance computing demonstrate the power of Python in this field.

The first PyCon DE will be held October 4-9, 2011 in Leipzig, Germany.

A tutorial and barcamp day is followed by three days with talks in three parallel tracks and
two days of sprints.

More details can be found on the PyCon DE website.

Please pass this post on to those you feel may be interested.

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