Thursday, March 20, 2014

Looking for a job? Our sponsors have openings!

In addition to the on-site job fair that we'll be running on Sunday April 13, our sponsors have listed a bunch of jobs on our website that are open and available right now.

The range of positions listed there cover front end to back end, junior to senior, development, QA, management, and just about everything in between. The companies are listed all across the world, with many of them hiring for remote positions. With Python in high demand, and awesome companies like our sponsors looking to hire some of this community's great developers, it's a great time to see what's out there.

For those who will be at PyCon, the on-site job fair companies are listed on the right of of this page, so bring your resume and sharpen your skills. Many of these companies are running interviews right there in the booth!

If you're a sponsor who would like to list a posting on that page, you can do so via your dashboard.

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