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Join the PyCon US 2022 team!

Want to play a pivotal role in the planning and success of PyCon US? Here’s your chance! Join our team by volunteering for one of our Call for Proposal Committees. We are looking for motivated volunteers who want to contribute their time and knowledge to make this year’s conference a great success. As a committee member, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of the PyCon US staff team, meet and work with organizers, volunteers, and speakers, and share your diverse skillset with the Python community. PyCon US is seeking volunteers of all experience levels and backgrounds to join our Program, Tutorial, and Posters Committees. Learn more about each committee and where to submit your application on the PSF website . Thank you for considering this opportunity. PyCon US would not be a success without the support of community members like you!  
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PyCon US 2021 Recordings are complete!

The PyCon US 2021 recordings are available on our YouTube channel .  Be sure to subscribe to our channel for notifications of new content. This channel will be used for all future conferences in order to keep all content in one channel. The recordings are synced with the available live captions taken during the event. There are some tutorials whose files did not align with the recordings for many unforeseen reasons. Please utilize the closed captions offered on YouTube for those without the caption files synced.  There are three tutorials that needs some fine tuning and will be available next week: Introduction to Decorators: Power UP Your Python Code / Geir Arne Hjelle Effective Data Visualization / Husni Almoubayyed A Hands-On Introduction to Multi-Objective Optimisation / Eyal Kazin We can not mention enough times our heartfelt gratitude to all the presenters of the tutorials, talks, keynote addresses, posters, workshops, summits and lightning talks for their time and efforts in

PyCon US 2024 and 2025 Announcement

We’re pleased to announce our location for PyCon US for 2024 and 2025: It’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! As PyCon US 2021 is taking place virtually, we’re excited to let you know about the next four years of in-person PyCon US conferences. When we announced the cancellation of our in-person events at PyCon US 2021, and confirmed our venue for 2022 and 2023 ( Salt Lake City, which we’d locked in before the pandemic even began ), we heard from so many of you that they were disappointed that we’d have to miss out on Pittsburgh entirely. We also recognize that as people are reluctant to travel long distances, we want people on the eastern side of North America to be able to look forward to another nearby PyCon with some certainty. With that in mind, we’re so pleased you’ll get another chance to take part in PyCon US and enjoy everything Pittsburgh has to offer! PyCon US will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh on the following dates: In 2024: May 1

PyCon 2021 Welcomes 8 Early-Stage Companies To Startup Row

2021 marks the tenth year that PyCon has granted booth space to early-stage startups that use Python in new and interesting ways. And what a decade it has been! Startup Row has given over 100 companies a platform to share what they're working on with the Python community, and the past ten years of Startup Row shows off the technical diversity and depth of the Python ecosystem. Ranging from data science and visualization, to many flavors of back-end tooling, productivity and communication platforms, super-niche software applications, and even a couple of hardware ventures, the flexibility of the Python language and its uses are on full display on Startup Row. Startup Row at PyCon 2021 Without further ado, here's the Startup Row lineup at PyCon 2021 (in alphabetical order): is a cloud database company which allows data teams and data enthusiasts to upload, query, and share data repositories internally or with the world. Dagster is a data orchestration tool for machine l

Building a multi-tenant content-based recommender with automated training

The Salesforce team is looking forward to meeting you remotely at PyCon 2021! In the meantime, check out this case study on how they solved the challenge of assisting customer service agents in finding answers to customer problems. Problem Statement and Background The problem we are tackling here is assisting customer service agents in finding answers to customer problems accurately and fast. To answer customer questions, customer service agents typically rely on Information Retrieval (Search) systems fetching data from heterogenous data sources. These customer questions are often long text and not well-suited for a search system to handle as-is. To that end, we built a content-based recommendation system that matches incoming customer questions, in the form of a customer case or ticket, to the knowledge article that will help address the customer issue. Approach The system we built machine learns on a customer’s data corpus and returns the best matching articles when customers ask the