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Registration for PyCon 2007 is now open

Online registration for PyCon 2007 is now open. Please go to for instructions and a link to the registration form.

Register before January 15th to get the lower early-bird rate.
And don't forget to also book your hotel room before February 1st
to get the conference rate; see
for details.

This year's pricing is:
Regular Student
Early-bird registration (before Jan. 15 2007) US$195 $125
Online/mail registration (before Feb. 16 2007) US$260 $150
At the conference US$360 $250

Our apologies for the delays in getting registration open.


S.Lott said…
The on-line registration rejects my email address, claiming that the underscore is illegal.

Please take this up with Yahoo, who permit the underscores in email addresses.

What am I to do?
A.M. Kuchling said…
Do you mean the credit card payment form? That form is controlled by Verisign so we can't fix their code.

Please enter (pycon at as the e-mail address and include your real e-mail address in the name field. We'll forward you your receipt and fix up the registration database.